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Vacuum Cleaner (MVC-30WD)

Brand: Milux


3 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner

Safety Motor With Overload Protection

Large Capacity Stainless Steel Tank

Safety Float Valve

Noise Reduction Air Filter Cap

13 Month Warranty


Sirim Certified

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·       30L (Large Capacity Stainless Steel Tank)

·       1400W Safety Motor With Overload Protection

·       Safety Float Valve (Prevent Water From Entering Motor Head)

·       Functions: Dry, Wet, Blow  

·       ON / OFF Switch with Waterproof Sealed 

·      Convenient Space Saving Accessories Holder

·      Noise Reduction Air Filter Cap

·      Blower Part

·      Power Cord Hanger

·      Sturdy Latch

·      Sponge Filter (Use To Prevent Water Splash-Back To Motor Head When Cleaning Liquid Spills)

·      Washable Filter Bag (Filter Out Most of The Hair & Dust)

·       Safety Float Valve (Suction Auto Cut-Off When Tank is Full of Liquid For Prevent Water Entering to Motor Head)

·      Accessories: 2 x Tubes, 2 x Floor Brushes (for Dry & Wet), Crevice Nozzle, Dusting Brush & Hose



·       Model: MVC-30WD

·       Power: 1400W

·       Capacity: 30L

·       Gross Weight: 6.3 KG

·       Product Packaging Box Size: 420*420*610mm


Delivery Time:

·       West Malaysia: 3-5 Working Days

·       East Malaysia: 5-10 Working Days

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