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Chimney Hood (MHC-S9288)

Brand: Milux

Model: MHC-S9288

Suction Power: 1500m³/hr

Inverter DC Motor

25-Speed Seamless Control

Double Layer Stainless Steel Chimney

13 Month General Warranty

37 Month Motor Warranty


Sirim Certified

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·       Inverter DC Motor

·       Built in Stainless Steel Filter

·       Stainless Steel Body with Tempered Glass

·       Comes with 4W LED Light

·       25-Speed Seamless Control

·       Double Layer Stainless Steel Chimney

·       Comes with Aluminium Hose and Aluminium Windcap

·       Comes Oil Tray



·       Model: MHC-S9288

·       Power: 204W

·       Suction Power: 1500m³/hr

·       Gross Weight: 26.8 KG

·      Product Physical Size: 895*455*655-1050 mm

·       Product Packaging Box Size: 965*560*730 mm


Delivery Time:

·       West Malaysia: 3-5 Working Days

·       East Malaysia: 5-10 Working Days


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