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Portable Gas Cooker (KK-3012S)

Brand: Milux


2-Stage Dual Overpressure Protection System

- Primary Catridge Ejection Device

- Secondary Gas Pasage Cut-Off Device

Power: 3.5 KW

Double Wind Block

13-Month Warranty


Sirim Certified

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·       Double Wind Block

·       Stainless Steel Drip Pan & Pan Support

·       2-Stage Dual Overpressure Protection System

Primary Catridge Ejection Device

Secondary Gas Pasage Cut-Off Device

·       Push & Turn Dual Motion Safety Control Knob with Auto Catridge Release Safety Device

·       Flame-Retardant ABS & Heat-Resistant PC for Safety Purpose



·       Model: KK-3012S

·       Power: 3.5KW

·       Burner Size: Ø70mm

·       Burner Head material: Aluminium

·       Body Material: Aluminium

·       Flame Type: N4

·       Ignition Type: Piezo Ignition

·       Gross Weight: 2.17 KG

·       Product Packaging Box Size: 345*324*105mm


Delivery Time:

·       West Malaysia: 3-5 Working Days

·       East Malaysia: 5-10 Working Days

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