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Electric Oven (MOT-0030) + Stand Mixer (MSM-9512)

Brand: Milux

Product 1 (Electric Oven)

Model: MOT-0030

120 Min Timer 

Up to 230°C Temperatue Control

4 Pcs Stainless Steel Heating Element 

Cabin Lamp

13 Month Warranty


Product 2 (Stand Mixer)

Model: MSM-9512

5 Speed Control + Turbo Function

Swing Head Function + Unique Mixing Plate

Detachable as A Hand Mixer

13-Month Warranty


Sirim Certified

Nationwide Service Center: [Click here]


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Product 1 (Electric Oven)


·       120 Min Timer with Automatic Shut-off and Bell Ring

·       Up to 230°C Temperature Control

·       Indicator Light on Control Panel

·       4 Pcs Stainless Steel Heating Element 

·       Cooking Functions: Defrost, Roast, Convention & Rotisserie

·       Cabin Lamp



·       Model: MOT-0030

·       Power: Up to 1750W

·       Color: Power Pink

·       Capacity: 30L

·       Gross Weight: 8.8 KG

·       Product Packaging Box Size: 510*392*376mm


Product 2 (Stand Mixer)


·       Detachable as A Hand Mixer

·       Stable Bottom Drive With Detachable SUS304 Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

·       5 Speed Control + Turbo Function

·       Swing Head Function + Unique Mixing Plate

·     Accessories: Beater Whisk, Dough Hook & Spatula



·       Model: MSM-9512

·       Power: 300W

·       Capacity: 2.8 L

·       Gross Weight: 3.05 KG

·       Product Packaging Box Size: 336*272*236mm


Delivery Time:

·       West Malaysia: 3-5 Working Days

·       East Malaysia: 5-10 Working Days


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